Monday, September 22, 2008

Freshers Day

I had a lovely experience today, we live near a University town, and our weekly shop happened to coincide with the fresher’s arriving at Uni.

It is sweet seeing all the youngsters leaving home for the first time. In the supermarket the mums are like clucking hens saying “well get some pasta, because pasta is easy and make sure you’ve got bread and milk, don’t forget washing up liquid and toilet roll”.
Every aisle I turned into had a bewildered non-plussed 18 or 19 year old nodding and shrugging shoulders, mum and dad getting more stressed by the minute.

We then ventured into town, to find Woolworth's and Argos packed, as students and parents were buying what they needed, because it’s easier to buy it than bring it all from home, while parents are still here with the car, cars were piled high with ‘stuff ‘.
The fast food restaurants were filled with families, queues outside the door.

On our way home we pass the University Campus and see cases, kitchen equipment, bedding, boxes of food, computers, electrical stuff, guitars and bikes, all being lugged from the car to the halls of residence and up the stairs. Oh and don’t forget Teddy!
Knowing that soon when all the excitement hustle and bustle of registering is done. It’s goodbye time.

I have first hand knowledge of Fresher’s Day, having had one daughter go through it. [Soon to have a second].

The dreaded moment arrives, you say you’re teary goodbye. To me it was like the first day at school all those years ago. You know you’ve got to do it, sending your child into unknown experiences that they have to learn to cope with, but cope they will! And mostly have a good time doing it.!!

They go off to their ‘freedom’ and exciting new life. Probably without looking back , to start a whole new adventure.

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