Monday, September 08, 2008

Disneyland Paris

Take The Kids To Disneyland Paris.

Many many happy hours have been spent by my family at Disneyland Paris, we spent all our family holidays there.

We tried various ways of travelling. Our preferred one was catching the Euro Star direct, perfect, the holiday starts as soon as you board the train.

We stayed in various hotels , the hotels on site may be expensive but in my opinion well worth it, you have all the magic contained, everyone is nice to you, you are well looked after, all you have to do is ‘chill out’.

The park itself is fantastic, whatever the weather you can have an amazing time.

Food in the park is good with a wide variety.

There are plenty of shopping opportunities.

Plenty of places to rest and relax for some ‘time out’.

Lots of great shows throughout the day.

Well worth a visit.

Disney certainly does do things in style, with lots of detail and passion.

We are also fans of Disney World Florida, I recommend a good web-site for info. of the area surrounding, for accommodation etc.

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