Monday, November 03, 2008


When training to look after children one of the most important aspects is providing written observations. This is an essential part of childcare.
Finding out what values the children are learning and achievements they are reaching. Also it is a good way of finding out how the children "tick".

I find it fascinating and even now, after many years of observing, find great pleasure in doing my weekly "obs" of the children where I work.
To me it is so important and gives you that individual view. One to one. Therefore you can encourage praise and check on matters that need to be addressed. It makes one aware of the child's needs with a hands on approach.

Childminders can also do observations, I did it in the form of a daily diary, once again having that individual aspect, looking back and reading some of my past writings is a joy.

The parents really appreciate seeing them, it keeps them in touch about how their child has spent their day.

If anyone reading this needs any tips on writing an observation I will gladly help. Either leave a comment or find my e.mail address at the top of the page.

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