Monday, July 02, 2007

A Typical Day Childminding.

8.30 I begin by setting out the toys for the day, depending on which children are coming.

8.50 Ben arrives [18 months], Dads in a hurry says a quick hello, fills me in on anything important, says goodbye to Ben who sometimes re-acts to the transition, he re-acts today. I pick him up, give him a cuddle, re-assure him, we sit on the chair by the window and talk about what we can see, re-assuring him all the time and distracting him from his insecurity.

9.00 I hear a car, here comes 2yr old Poppy. She comes in shouting hello and straight away plays with the construction toys I’ve set out.(when setting out the toys I make them as appealing as possible ) It can often ease a child away from a parent.

I sit with them encouraging them to play together, learning social skills, conversation, imagination and physical construction.
I always have music on in the background and often find Poppy singing along!
They can have free play if they choose but Duplo seems to be the favourite.

9.45 We go upstairs to the toilet and wash hands before snack time an activity in itself! Ben gets so excited about washing hands-or is it water play?

10.00 Snack time-the children bring their own preferred snack, I have my coffee and biscuit we all sit down and watch TV approved (by me), with lots of singing, counting and art work ideas.

10.45 After snack, if anyone has a nappy it’s nappy change time!

11.00 Outside play, weather permitting or we’ll go for a walk. [If bad weather, an art activity prepared beforehand]. Out door play is free play with bikes, scooter, hoops, balls pushchairs, sometimes paint activities or sand or water play. We may play imaginary games i.e. pretending to cross the road at traffic lights, going to the shops or being on a train etc.

12.00 Lauren arrives from nursery .settled in by a chat about what she’s been doing or a story and cuddle.

12.15 All upstairs for toilet and wash before lunch. Quiet play or looking at books while I set up packed lunches or heat up soup etc bought from home.
We all sit at the table or high chair. With children’s music on in the background, talk and hopefully have a leisurely lunch.

1.00 The older ones are allowed down first to enable them to have a non -baby or toddler interference for a few minutes. It gets a little chaotic whilst I clear up. I usually let them have a run around, till it gets out of hand, then quiet time with books. The young ones sit in pushchairs pending sleep if they need it and the older ones sit with me and have a cuddle, if they want one! We watch children’s T.V again not just rubbish. Whilst sitting quietly I write the children’s diaries for the day.

2.00 After rest time approx. 45 minutes, we do an activity; art play, a game, puzzles.playdough ,water play etc. [free play available at all times]. Nappies changed, and then outside play or a walk. Maybe pick up after school children.

4.00 Back for toast and drink, chill out time for anyone arrived from school, half an hour of T.V. then free play, in or out, or art work till home time. Any art work achieved during the day I set out in the kitchen for the parents to view and take home. We call it the gallery.

5.00 Try to chat with the parents but have the written diary as a back up incase I don’t manage to tell them certain events of the day.

Send everyone off with a cheery Goodbye.
5.30 Then begin to tidy up. I try not to tidy up too much with the children here because I want them to continue playing as long as they can, although I do ask them to help put a few things away as to promote tidiness.

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