Monday, May 28, 2007

My Big Reward for Being a Childminder

Even though my 32 years of childcare has been an absolute pleasure, I was 50 recently and was taken out by two mothers whose children I had looked after from babies, until 14 yrs old.

The evening started at one of their houses to which I was sat down, fed with nibbles and champagne. Then the three boys I looked after produced home made cards and a wonderful porcelain fruit bowl with all their names painted on the underside, and random words that they associate with coming to my house for all those years. After drying my tears and having lots of hugs we talked of the old times.
Then the mothers and I went to a very expensive restaurant, I was treated to a lovely meal with all the frills and lots and lots of reminiscing, then taken home by taxi.

It made me feel so happy I didn’t want the evening to end. But the next morning I awoke to see my lovely gift and very thoughtful and personal cards and so appreciate what they did for me, but both mothers said they have very successful jobs and couldn’t have got there without my help.

Earlier on my actual birthday I was setting up for a normal childminding day when the two children I was looking after that day burst in with balloons, home made cards and presents .Followed by the two mums, birthday cake and treats, they had also made a pass the parcel.
We all had lots of fun, making my day very special.
Later in the day I had a visit from the other child that comes a different day–armed with a lovely present and home made card that she had made with her older brother and sister that I used to look after. I felt very loved and appreciated.

I am soon to end my childminding business and feel that I have been so lucky to have had such a rewarding job with many happy memories and met a lot of lovely people.

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