Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Learning Through Play.

Recently I have noticed an increase of web sites and blogs on the subject of children's activities, (mostly homemade). I guess the 'word' can now be easily and quickly spread around the groups of people that have childcare in mind.
In my opinion I think it's wonderful, because the simplest and inexpensive ideas are making people aware that everyday objects and materials can be used to promote children's learning abilities, instead of many missing out because parents/carers have the notion that you have to use expensive and professional equipment for teaching.

I was a little nervous when technology for children came along, thinking that it was too tempting to be playing with fantastic/exciting educating learning games, as well as video games and virtual books, however I feel we grown ups have realised that we can have both. By promoting physical, messy, sensory and manipulative play, from an early age it enhances the child's brain and thirst for adventure and inquisitiveness. Indoors and outside, but also technology can be used in learning ways as well as fun and excitement.
If you search for 'activities for toddlers' a list of web sites should come up with plenty of ideas to use with your children.
Happy Playing!

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