Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Reading Stories to Children

I consider one of the most important part of childcare, is settling down to read a story to a child or children.
When childminding I had a set part of the day when we all snuggled up on the sofa. I chose about 4 picture books, made sure I sat in the middle so that everyone could see. The children were capsulated I really enjoyed myself, everyone was calm and relaxed. I put as much expression into the reading as I could and afterwards the children and I would discuss the book and chat.
I had a comfortable area, always available for the children to chill out and look at books which I kept in a good condition. There were some that got battered and I was always aware that children have to learn how to respect the books without being put off by too many rules. An age selection is a good idea and I always had some special favourite ones put by for ‘story time’ and not for general use.
I have happy memories of being taken by the hand, a child with a book, sitting on my lap asking me to read for a couple of minutes, then off to play again!!

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Anonymous said...

I have made it a resolution to read more consistently to my little ones here at home. As a librarian I have access to a million books so I have no excuse not too. I find that reading to the kids before bedtime is a great transitional from active play to laying down. They really look forward to a good read...or three..lol
I really enjoy your blog.