Monday, August 06, 2007

School Holidays and Big KIds

My usual pattern of childminding changes when school holidays come around. A couple of children that ’left’ to go to school come back for childcare.

The younger ones love it, it’s like having older siblings join the group. The activities change, the older toys come out. and there’s someone to look up to and play with. They take on a different attitude and try to act older than they are ,its lovely to observe.

The older ones being ‘older and bigger’ take a little while to find their place again at the ‘childminders’.

I carefully choose my toys at the onset of the day, making sure all age groups are catered for, but know that the older children love having a play with their old favourites even though they are for ‘babies’ !!
When we do art activities the work is so advanced ,once again the little ones try to copy and therefore become inspired.
They watch when playing board games, learning skills that maybe their age group can’t yet acquire but pick up and mimic things like counting and taking in turns.

The noise level tends to go up in the house, but it’s usually caused by happy excited energy which if carefully managed and planned can make for a happy and fulfilled day.

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