Monday, November 06, 2006


I am a registered childminder, UK NNEB trained, caring for children over the last 32years. It is my aim to share and pass on some of my knowledge gained from this hands-on experience to people that really care about what they do. Who want the best for the children they are nurturing and helping through childhood into adulthood.

My success story is that my husband and I have two lovely daughters one 20, one15, they have turned out just as I had dreamed they would when they were babes in arms. There have been ups and downs naturally but how else do we learn if not from experience?

I have been childminding for18yrs and only recently have two brothers I looked after from 4months old, stopped coming on a nightly basis after school, being 14 and 12. They had the option from their parents of stopping a year ago but just didn’t want to stop coming to me.
I had two sisters 8 and 5 who came from babies through to school, who begged their mum to let them come in school holidays.
I saw a 16yr old today I had looked after for 5yrs working in a shop, went out of her way to chat to me and tell me how she is doing.
I often meet another, now young man, in town on Saturday and we stop to chat and catch up.
I’m invited to birthday parties and school concerts etc.
I am pleased to say the list goes on, I love my work and the friends {parents and children} I’ve made along the way.

Previously to working from home I worked as a nanny and in two different day nurseries over several years.
I had a dream of running my own nursery and found childminding to be the most effective way for me to do this, whilst also caring for my own two girls.
I do part time, which I like, because I see lots of different children and they get to be with their parents a fair bit of the time.

My aim is to share my experience with anyone who wants to listen; mothers, fathers or would be childcarers.

I don’t profess to know all the ‘politically correct` ways of doing things, I’m sure I have many faults.

I am going along the guidelines set out by the various authorities and don’t want to take any blame for any of my ideas tried out that go wrong - you try things out at your own risk!

Remember though most of bringing up children is common sense.

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